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The Rebel Devil Customs shop has been a dream for a few years, and in 2012 that dream finally became a reality. Gearhead Mike founded RDC as a sole shop owner in his pole barn and planned to make it an old school hot rod shop, doing restorations and resto-mods. Ron joined RDC early on as a qualified painter and body guy and helped RDC become a full mechanic, light fabrication, paint & body shop.  We have also hired in 2 R&D techs,  Austin Schumacher (Houston TX.) was brought on board in 2013 and Andrew Ducey (Atlanta, GA) was brought in early in 2015.  If you have any questions feel free to email them through the site or hit any of us up on Facebook.

In January 2013, RDC grabbed the opportunity to become a retail vendor for over 2500 product of some really dope brands for everything related with custom upgrades for modern vehicles ranging from suspension to performance. Because Mike is constantly customizing his own vehicle, a 2012 Ford Focus Sedan, the "Red Devil" was born and became the RDC prototyping vehicle.

In early 2014 RDC started a sponsorship program and currently have 50 sponsored crew members in US, Canada and Australia promoting and advertising for the shop. Meet the RDC Crew on our Forum.


We are your ONE STOP FOCUS SHOP - and we install everything we sell.

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